NSF, NIH, and CDC Grants

(in-house, state, and NGO grants not listed)

13. 2018-2022

National Science Foundation: Mitochondrial function and carotenoid coloration in Tigriopus californicus.

G. E. Hill and R. S. Burton


12. 2009-2012
National Science Foundation. Plumage Redness and Good Genes in the House Finch.
G. E. Hill & S. Edwards, Co-PIs.

11. 2011
National Science Foundation. RAPID: A unique opportunity to preserve a genetic record of the origin of a novel host-pathogen interaction.
G. E. Hill, PI.

10. 2006-2010
National Institute of Health. The ecology of eastern equine and west nile viruses.  
G. E. Hill, M. Eubanks and T. Unnasch, co-PIs.

9. 2004-2007
Center for Disease Control. Ecology of West Nile Virus in a periurban environment.
G. E. Hill, Ed Cupp,  and Tom Unnasch, co-PIs.

8. 2004-2005
National Science Foundation. U.S.-Taiwan Cooperative Research: Breeding Ecology, Mating System and Antiphonal Duetting in an Endemic Taiwanese Passerine
G. E. Hill and H. Mays, Co-PIs.

7. 2003-2004
National Science Foundation. ROA: the role of bacteria in pheromone signals in Pacific seabirds.
G. E. Hill, J. Hagelin and S. Roberts, Co-PIs.

6. 2003-2007
National Science Foundation. Mate choice for ornamental color versus genetic complementarity.
G. E. Hill & H. Mays, Co-PIs.

5. 2002 -2006
National Science Foundation.  Maternal effects and evolution in the House Finch.
G. E. Hill, A. Badyaev and M. Mendonca, Co-PIs.

4. 2000 - 2004
National Institutes of Health. Ecology of EEE virus in the Southeastern United States.
G. E. Hill, E. Cupp and T. Unnasch, Co-PIs.

3. 2000 - 2004
National Science Foundation, IRCEB: The evolution of a parasite and its recently colonized host.  
G. E. Hill, S. Edwards and S. Robert, Co-PIs.

2. 2000 - 2003
National Science Foundation. The evolution of sexual dimorphism in recently established populations: an ontogenetic perspective.  
G. E. Hill & A. Badyaev, Co-PI.

1. 1997-2003
National Science Foundation CAREER and PECASE award. Song and plumage in the House Finch: a study of signal content in a multiple-signal system.
G. E. Hill, PI

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