Ornithology (BIOL 5750/6750)

The objective of this course is to present the student with a broad overview of ornithology, sufficient in detail to serve as a foundation for further study of any particular topic. Classroom lectures are integrated with laboratory exercises providing students with hands-on exposure to many of the topics covered in lecture and many of the techniques used in the study of birds. Through lab exercises students will also be expected to learn how to identify birds of the southeastern U.S.

Ornithology Lab Photos

Spring 2017

GTA Rebecca, UTAs Hunter and Christine


April 2017

Purple Martin showing off for the class

Brown Thrasher and Ruby-crowned Kinglet caught at the aviary!

Spring 2016

GTAs Anna and Rebecca, UTA Hunter

Dauphin Island beach birding

Above: Looking at endangered red-cockaded woodpecker eggs using video transmission from a flexible camera extended into a nestbox. Inset: A female RCW peeking out from her nestbox.

Trapping, mist-netting, and banding birds on the AU campus

House finch and bluebird territoriality and breeding biology lab on the AU campus. Top and left: studying a bluebird nestling from a research nestbox. Right: Using a mirror pole to check house finch nestlings.

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Dr. Geoff Hill
Professor &
Curator of Birds
Dept. Biological Sciences
Auburn University

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