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The Hill Lab
Department of Biological Sciences, Auburn University

Researching bird coloration, sexual selection, and speciation from a mitonuclear perspective



The Hill Lab is an integrative research program investigating the function and evolution of animal ornamentation. An emerging interest for the lab group is the co-adaptation and co-evolution of mitonuclear elements within eukaryotes.  A consideration of mitonuclear processes holds promise to unite under one explanatory umbrella the evolution of sex, sexual selection, speciation, and adaptation.

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Recent News

Hill lab alums off to postdocs


Matt Powers joined the Barreto lab at Oregon State

Nick Justyn joined the Allen lab at Swansea University

Cover of Science Magazine
The genetic basis of sexual dichromatism

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Emma Rhodes is awarded a prestigious GFRP from NSG


Check Out Dr. Hill's Latest Book

Dr. Hill named Fellow of American Association for the Advancement of Science

The American Association for the Advancement of Sciences, or AAAS, announced that both Geoffrey Hill, professor in the Department of Biological Sciences, and J. V. Ortiz, professor in the Department of Chemistry, have been named Fellows of AAAS...

A focus back on bird coloration

After a few years of studies with copepods and a shift to speciation processes, the Hill lab is back to a focus on the genetic and environmental controls of carotenoid coloration in birds. Stay tuned for forthcoming research.

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