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Geoff Hill

Trained as an evolutionary and behavioral ecologist, Geoff guides the research activities of his postdocs, grad students, and undergrads.

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Jackie Barry
Doctoral Student

Jackie's research focuses on the genetic basis of color polymorphisms in raptors (family Accipitridae).

Matt Powers
Ph.D Student

Matt uses Tigriopus copepods to study the biochemical and genetic basis for the condition dependency of carotenoid pigmentation.

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Chris Dudley
Masters Student

Chris’ masters project will test the role of mitonuclear incompatibilities in the functionality of
hybrid birds.

Nick Justyn
Ph.D Student

Nick is a world's authority on phenotyping the coloration of birds. He combines reflectance spectrometry, Ramen microscopy, biochemical analysis, and electron microscopy to produce phenotypes that enable studies of the genetic basis of coloration in birds.

Emma Rhodes
Ph.D Student

Emma's research focuses
on understanding the physiological underpinning of migration in birds, particularly the role of mitochondrial adaptation.

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Jim Johnson

Jim Johnson received his B.S. and M.S. in Chemistry from the Florida State University and holds a M.E. in Engineering from the University of Florida. Jim initiates and analyzes next-generation sequencing projects (NGS) in an effot to further our understanding of avian carotenoid ornamentation.