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The objective of this course is to present the student with a broad overview of ornithology, sufficient in detail to serve as a foundation for further study of any particular topic. Classroom lectures are integrated with laboratory exercises providing students with hands-on exposure to many of the topics covered in lecture and many of the techniques used in the study of birds. Through lab exercises students will also be expected to learn how to identify birds of the southeastern U.S.


Mitonuclear coadaptation is essential to eukaryotic life and hence to all complex forms of life. In this course, we will study the implications of the necessity of mitonuclear coadaptation for the evolution of quintessential eukaryotic characteristics including sex and two sexes, a germ line, senescence, discrete species, mate choice, and adaptation.  The focus will be on complex life including plants, animals, and fungi.  This class will cover fundamental concepts in evolutionary biology and give students a broad foundation from which to pursue research in any field of evolution.

 Mitonuclear Ecology
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The objective of this course, most recently offered in Fall 2015, is to provide grad students with an overview of the theory of sexual selection including the development of ideas in the field and the current state of understanding. Each week Dr. Hill will give a 45 min lecture on a topic followed by a graduate student led discussion.

 Sexual Selection
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